Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tonto Dike Finally Explains What ‘POKO’ Means


If you are a Tonto Dike fan (aren’t we all?) then we have great news for you! Tonto Dike has finally divulged the meaning of her favourite slang ‘POKO‘!

It’s taken a while but she finally gave it up and who got her to do so? None other than another controversial person - Sudanese-Egyptian author and poet or better still self-styled home wrecker Kola Boof!

Now we know the thought of putting Tonto Dike and Kola Boof in the same sentence alone can be disastrous but things didn’t turn out that bad between them as they exchanged pleasantries on social network Twitter.
Kola Boof

And when Boof asked Tonto what the meaning of ‘Poko’ was, initially assuming it was a movie, Tonto responded, explaining it is the name of her alter-ego.
Tonto has used the slang in her songs and in thousands of her tweets.


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