Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sound Sultan presents Naija Ninja with ‘The Rebirth Mixtape’

For over a decade, Sound Sultan has been flying high his Naija Ninja flag and even though he’s done quite well with his music career, it has always been an issue identifying the Naija Ninja acts.
He’s finally put an end to that with the official re-launch of the Naija Ninja crew. The clan is made up of fresh acts and of course the long serving member-partner-brother Baba Dee playing more of a background role. (The crew’s former acts include Nyore, Spy-Da-Man and W4 who remain affiliated).

And Sultan makes the re-introduction with the crew’s new project aptly titled ‘The Rebirth Mixtape‘.
Sultan assembles a set of debutants – singer Yung Race, rapper Karma, Dancehall artiste Blackah and R&B singer Sean but doubt be fooled, all four of these rookies are quite talented, ‘The Rebirth Mixtape‘ proves so.
While Sultan does the ground work by starting and ending the mixtape with ‘Natural something‘ and ‘People bad remix‘ ft best buddie Wyclef Jean, rapper Karma executes brilliantly Aropin with a very impressive hook from Sean.
Yung Race, the only lady in the crew tempts the fellas on ‘Holla @ me‘ and Blackah turns the heat up with the club banger ‘Party blow‘. All five including big brother Baba Dee collaborate on ‘Naija Ninja anthem‘ – a very grounded single.
In conclusion, it’s evident there’s a high level of cohesion among Sultan and his new crew.
They will do well as individual acts but maybe after another album with more tracks.
Naija Ninja, woooaah!
Listen to ‘Aropin’ – Karma ft Sean, Sound Sultan

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