Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fuji House of Commotion Actress:Ngozi Nwosu Battles With HIV

Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu has been missing in action for a while and it has raised concern.  Earlier reports had said she was ailing with a kidney problem after she was spotted looking pale and lost weight.  New findings have however emerged that the actress is in a terrible condition, believed to be in Cotonou while colleagues are on the cause of raising financial support for treatment of her HIV status.....Read full report after the cut

According to the source who was one of Ngozi`s medical counselors at the NMR, “Ngozi has been on medical surveillance since 2010. She is what I will call an HIV positive patient. Her kidney problem is as a result of her HIV complications. She used to visit the center on Wednesdays but we have not seen her for some time now. “ Asked why Ngozi took off and shunned medical treatment, the source said, “Ngozi is a stubborn patient.

 I used to advise her to stop drinking and smoking as these habits won`t speed up her healing process fast. Worst of all, she does not take her drugs righteously. When a patient with HIV refuses to take recommended retro-viral drugs the person cannot get better. That is her problem. Mind you when she visited the center not quite before I left we found out her DN4 was so low that we immediately raised an alarm and told her to be cautious of her her health situations and advised her to do better in taking her drugs as required.” The source also revealed that some of Ngozi`s problem to her not getting well may be psychological, “You see when a patient has a troubled love life like Ngozi things will hardly get going for her.

She is not a happy woman, having no husband and child, so her thoughts will always be negative and that will cause her more bad than good. She needs to retrace her steps to finding her healing and that is if she is not already a full AIDS patient.” Currently, Ngozi has kept away from public glare while some of her friends and movie colleagues are seeking financial assistance for her treatment.

There are indications she has moved to neighbouring Cotonou, Benin Republic where her former husband comes from as her aides and handlers claimed during enquiry on phone. More troubling, are Ngozi`s recent pictures where she looks gaunt and pale. She has since neglected public functions and stopped appearing at movie locations.

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