Thursday, 9 August 2012

Forbes Africa highlights 20 powerful women in August edition

In celebration of Women’s Day in South Africa this month, Forbes Africa has fielded in its August edition of its monthly magazine Africa’s most prominent women of 2012.
Donning the cover on the August issue is one of Africa’s richest women Wendy Appelbaum as she talks about ‘why women in the boardroom should be making noise’.
Although the list is yet to be released online by Forbes, people are already excited and eager to know who made it.

It has been a long struggle for women in business, which is far from over. History even records the first woman to work in an office in Johannesburg. It was in 1894, screens were put up around her because it was not appropriate for her to be seen – more on this in the cover story of the August issue’, says Managing Editor for Forbes Africa, Chris Bishop.

Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji is also featured in the magazine. Forbes describes Ikeji, a former model and magazine publisher,as ‘Nigeria’s highest paid blogger’ in the article ‘Beauty, Brains and the Business of Blogging’.
This edition also includes the Forbes list of Africa’s most prominent women as well as interviews and inspirational stories of some of the continent’s most powerful woman to date‘, he concludes.

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