Sunday, 26 August 2012

Free Flow Of Naira On Osun Osogbo River

Osogbo – The Naira rained freely on the Osun River Goddess on Friday at the Osun Osogbo groove, the venue of the festival.
The adherents of the river goddess scampered for space to dole out money on the river goddess.
Adherents of the deity freely threw the Naira into the river to make supplication to the goddess.
Mr Taju Osuntokun, one of the adherents, said the gesture was in appreciation of  what he has received from the river goddess.

He said it would be unfair not to pay back the goddess to make her happy so that she would bless him the more.
Miss kikelomo Turayo, also said that it had become a usual thing for her to do and this she said had never failed her.
“I am an Osun River faithful, I give out my offering each time I come around to the River and this has worked for me.“
As soon as the money was thrown to the river, some irate youth jumped inside and made away with it.

When asked the implication of the act, Turayo said they had carried away all her problems.
NAN also reports that most of the adherents were seen fetching the Osun River in their jerry-cans.
The reason for attaching so much importance to the water, a man who identified himself as Akogun, said it purified them from all their impurities.
He said the water could also bring healing and prosperity, and this had particularly compelled people from different states in the country to come to fetch the water.
Mrs Adunni Ajoke, one of the adherents, who was seen carrying the water, told NAN that she had heard testimonies of how the Osun River healed people; hence she came to try her luck.
The priests at the Osun River were consulted by adherents for supplication to the Goddess and that she, in turn, prayed for them. (NAN)

Source: Vangaurd

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