Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rick Ross wants some of our oil money + shoots video in Obalende

American Rapper, Rick ross flew into Nigeria with his crew on friday for summer jam concert. For days now, the rapper has been tweeting about Lagos (the ghetto side of the city) and shooting his next music video in the slums of lagos.

"Other rappers won't come here.Im filming a video & performing here.The #MMG way." Rickross tweeted few minutes after he landed at the airport.

 The rapper who already has a video for 'Hold me back' honoured Nigeria by shooting what he called 'the nigerian visuals' for the track. The video was shot around Sura Market, Obalende by MMG Music Video Director, Spiff TV. The rapper filmed his ghetto themed video on the streets, with the help of residents who turned up.

The rapper showed us his humanitarian side when he tweeted
"Filming in the slums in Lagos.i just bought out the whole grocery store and gave it to the village. #MMG presence strong in our homeland."

"I Salute #Lagos for having trip wuz #boss gotta rep for my lil bro's @Wale & Vic.luv." He tweeted

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