Saturday, 4 August 2012

Abuja Taxi Driver Returns N18M And Gets N30K Reward

That honesty is the best policy has played its way into the life of a cab man in Abuja recently. The National Orientation Agency (NOA) in Abuja has rewarded Umeh Usuah, an Abuja taxi cab driver with N30,000 for returning the sum of N18mn left in his cab by a passenger who he recently alighted at an hotel.

Mr. Usuah said he was at the car-wash when he discovered a bag left in his car by a passenger and he decided to do the right thing by returning it to the owner.

For this exemplary display of honesty, the Abuja taxi cab driver who plies the Abuja Airport road route was recognised by the NOA and handed a reward of N30,000.

While presenting the cash reward to Mr. Usuah, the Director-General of the Agency, Mr. Mike Omeri, said any Nigerian who displays such exemplary behaviour such as Usuah’s deserves to be celebrated.

He said the award would be given to any Nigerian irrespective of status or class that showed act that depicted the values and culture of Nigeria.

The DG continued saying, “Those who often saw Nigerians in bad light should desist from that and began to see her in good light, adding that peace, honesty and love was a Nigerian factor.”

He said that for Usuah, a taxi driver, to have returned N18mn showed that Nigerian still had men and women of integrity.

Narrating the circumstances which led to his returning the money, the cab-driver said, “My mind went back to the man who I dropped at the hotel and I immediately alerted my chairman and he instructed me to go back to the place where I dropped him. I saw him and delivered his bag to him.”

According to report, a representative of the Aviation Minister, Mr. Oche Elias, said it was a rare display of honesty, adding that it was “a huge integrity and trust exhibited by Usuah”.

Elias said the aviation ministry would organise a dinner in Usuah’s honour to show to the world that integrity paid.

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