Friday, 7 September 2012

I Am A born Again Aglican, I Go To Church -Cossy Orjiakor

Many people who have misconception about this controversial actress will not believe that she is a good Christian.

Though, some wonder how she attends church services without creating commotion with her heavy loads. Anyway, the tinny voice actress has disclosed that she prays to God as a christian and she attends church like a normal human being.

"Prayer is a personal thing with God. I tell God what is on my mind. All have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. I go to church you know; I am a born again Anglican." She said.

But as controversial as she is, she have suffered a lot of misconceptions from people mostly her colleagues, most of these are what she is aware of.

Her comment about that is simply that, "I have bad press publicity about the kind of clothes I wear and all that. There was a time I attended this old school party and I dressed the old school way. The press then wrote that this is how Cossy is, she is looking ugly, and maybe she was on cocaine and all that. How could I go to an old school party looking new school? That day, I even had nice Brazillian weave-on on and I had to weave it any how so that I will look old school. I think they just like talking about me." She said in an interview recently.

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