Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lady D defends Charly Boy’s sexuality

Charly Boy’s wife, Lady D has dispelled the rumours about her husband’s sexuality and position as head of Illuminati in Nigeria.

She did this in an interview she recently granted Compass Newspaper where she denied the accusation, stating that her husband, Charles Oputa, otherwise called Charly Boy, is neither gay nor head of illuminati. She added that scandals of such nature had been reported before and must have been triggered by the opinion people have of him, which she says is misconstrued.

‘This is not the first time it’s happening, the only difference may be due to the context through which the rumour went viral…but realistically, there is nothing new about the rumour, we have heard it over and over again…I think people try to merge his personal life and artistic life. Obviously, they cannot be same’ , she said adding that she was married to Mr Oputa and not Charly boy, a fact which she says has blessed their 35-year-old union.

She spoke further on the Charly boy brand, stating that it was  designed to stand the test of time and propel people into serious thinking, ‘Charly boy had always hated the fact that someone should live the life of others…he only wanted to be himself…he wanted in a very aggressive and way to build a brand that will become an all time favourite to young people…but before then, we knew that controversy would sell quicker than anything else’  she says.


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