Friday, 20 July 2012

A US Mom Beats Her Son To Death For Peeing On Himself-- Now She Regrets

A Houston mother charged with beating her 4-year-old son to death Sunday was allegedly angered that he had wet himself in a car Vastie Coleman, 27, whipped her son Kyron Barnes with a cord more than 20 times in a bathtub until his breathing stopped, local TV station KHOU reports .

“I did it, I beat him, it’s all my fault and I don’t care what happens to me,” Coleman told EMS workers who arrived at her home, according to documents obtained by the station.

Coleman used a cord because “the belt was broken because mom kept whipping the kids so hard it broke into pieces,” one of Barnes’ two surviving sisters said in court documents obtained by the station.

“I figured there’d be a sign or two—there was nothing, it was always quiet,” neighbor Robin Dawson told the station.  I never heard them kids getting a whooping. I got a couple kids myself. They be out there talking to them and I sent my kids out there. They be all eating popsicles together. They popped fire crackers on the Fourth of July.”

Two daughter of Coleman have been placed with a foster family after an emergency hearing by a judge. Coleman’s lawyer said the mother was suicidal Tuesday, according to the station.

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