Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Janet Jackson Calls Paris: 'You Spoiled Little B****'

There is a full-blown civil war going on within the Jackson family and it's getting ugly.  Janet Jackson and  Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson got into a scuffle earlier this week in front of the 14-year-old's Calabasas, CA home. Now we are getting word that Janet slapped Paris and called her the B-word.
At one point Janet tried to grab a resistant Paris' cell phone, a scuffle ensued and Janet slapped the teenager, screaming, "You're a spoiled little bitch!" We're told Paris fired back with her own slap and told Janet, "This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!"
Whoa! Harsh words from both of the Jackson ladies, but the story doesn't stop there. Trent Jackson started to wild out and punched Jermaine and put Randy in a headlock! Sheesh! Speaking of Randy, a new source says he is the mastermind that has kept Katherine from Michael's kids for the past nine days:
"Marlon, Tito, and Jackie all hold Randy responsible for all of this. Randy is also getting advice from Howard Mann, who has been on the fringe for the last two years, trying to insert himself into the Jackson family," a source claims.
Meanwhile the older Jackson trio wouldn't comment publicly about Randy being the mastermind, but they are furious and vow that the person keeping them from their mother will pay.
Marlon said during an interview with The Insider: "I'm not going to go into that. There is somebody that made the decision that my mother cannot talk to me, and whoever that person is going to have to answer to me. I'm going to see my mother, and I'm going to bring her home."

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