Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bank Clerk Steals From Barclays Bank For Breast Implant

24-year old Rachael Claire Martin, a clerk working with Barclays Bank in Cornwall, the United Kingdom who was accused of stealing £46,000 ($72,000 or close) from her bank admitted that she actually stole the money for self-gratification to achieve her breaking into her desired career which is modelling. 

She decided to go for breast implants, teeth whitening, liposuction and hair extensions thinking these would increase her chances of breaking into the modelling world.

According to Western Morning News, Rachael Claire Martin initially denied the allegations, but she eventually pleaded guilty in court to stealing the money over an eight-week period.

The Clerk initially stole  £2,000, then £1,000  and later increased her loot to £6,000, plunging about £4,000 into breast implants and £1,700 for dental work as she also proceeded to go on “wild shopping sprees.”

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