Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Meeting Banji (part 1)

I woke up at past 11am last Saturday, I noticed my phone was not with me in the room, then I remembered I left it In the living room the previous night, so I went to get it, I found 2 missed calls … same number but no name, could it be who I was thinking? Just as I was wondering… another call came in with this same number, I cleared my throat, i was so eager, I knew who it was likely to be, of course I met some guy yesterday evening at V.I, after my appointment at the bank, I parked right beside him, he just parked and coming out of his very exotic latest range rover,  I was  heading towards the car park, passing beside his posh car to the other side where my car was parked, about to open the door and leave. Then he raised his head….oh my word!!! This guy was too handsome, fresh, tall, dark, looking  good in his expensive fitted shirt and jeans with a nice wrist watch.  And gladly he was really staring at me,  I tried not to make it noticeable that I was also admiring him, in my mind I was like my gosh, this guy is a big bomb! “Excuse me please” he said, I raised my  head and said who? Me? He said “yes, please are you just coming from the bank” I said yeah, “please do you have an idea of their closing time” I said normally its 5pm, (of course everyone knows the banks close at 5pm, it was just a strategy of getting my attention) “oh I guess I am late, I think they wont attend to customers at this time  cos very soon it would be their closing time” i said hmm I think so….i didn’t even know what more to say…well it depends on what you actually came for, you could use the ATM machine if you have the card… I said …fast forward... he explained  he had issues with the ATM thing, so for now he goes directly into the bank “ thanks so much for your time, it was really nice of you and I guess I must have taken out of your precious time” its not a problem with a sweet smile on my face, and I said ok bye “hmmm please i don’t know…. Can I have your number or your card or something, we could be friends if you don’t mind” I said hmmmm ok no problem I gave him my number as i no get  a complementary card oh…so he took my number and said he would  call me the next day. I entered my car and zoomed off.

So i was 110% sure it was him, so I hurriedly took the call and my “hello” was in a very low tune…. “hey gorgeous!  ….how are you today? Hmmm I hope I didn’t disturb you with my calls, I just couldn’t wait to hear your voice again. Do you know who is speaking? ” I was like hrrrrmm…..  am not sure, who is this please? “that guy you met some few hours ago, like less than 24hours ago”  hell yeah, it was him, but I was trying to be a little sarcastic, I said sorry I met a couple of people yesterday,  “this is banji, the guy you met at GT bank car park around 4:25pm….. Oh its you! “Yeah its me…..and how are you doing today?” am good, just got out of bed actually, I sleep like a baby on Saturday mornings I said,   and I just got my phone from where I left it since last night, that was why I missed your calls… “no problem hun, thanks for your time yesterday, It was nice of you and also it was nice to meet you” same here. “where exactly do you live “ I live around ikeja…I just moved to lagos a few months ago, cos of my job, i am not a lagos person per say….i grew up in ibadan ( story...:D) “oh I see….. Fast forward…… so what are you doing this weekend, like today and tomorrow”
I hardly go out, no plans really, something could come up though, but for now I’ve got nothing special in mind, “could we hangout or something….like  we could go and have a drink somewhere… what do you think?” well… actually….. "what time can I come and get you, and I will need your full address” I haven’t accepted… “I beg you ma…would you please accept my proposal?” its ok “oh great! thank you” I gave him the address and we fixed it for 4pm....

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