Thursday, 19 July 2012

Prezzo disses Goldie after her eviction

Three days after her eviction, Nigeria’s rep. Goldie, still has as her name on everybody’s lips with reactions from different housemates as regards her eviction. The most shocking however, is from her ‘boyfriend’, Prezzo, who was full of criticisms and complaints about the singer.
The Kenyan rapper during his diary session with Biggie on Monday, July 16, 2012, was full of complaints about the behaviour and attitude of the Nigerian singer while she was in the house. He described her as irresponsible and ‘unemotional’, toying with his feelings while he continued to love her truly.
According to him, Goldie was irresponsible during her stay in the house and always found a way to avoid being responsible for her mistakes which was the reason for their fight shortly before her eventual eviction.
‘It’s sad because for me I was actually open and honest with her. I was always there for her’, he said.
When asked how he feels about his girlfriend’s eviction, Prezzo replied, ‘The most important people that anyone can take away from me are not here’.
Prezzo is presently on the eviction block along with Namibia’s Lady May and Keitta who, unluckily, was chosen by HoH Kyle to replace Keagan

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